Welcome to Maine Systems. The developer of P2: Microsoft CRM for Professional Services.

P2 is a suite of modules that extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Professional Services Organisations.

P2 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM focus an organization on its clients, its service and its profitability.

P2 is designed specifically to empower professional people.

  • Providing total client visibility

  • Enabling work to be carried out more efficiency within teams

  • Processing, recording and reporting day-to-day transactions from within one application

  • Joining up your business and improving your productivity and responsiveness.

  • Making your staff happy!


Time Billing Accounting client management P2 Microsoft Outlook Outlook

Microsoft Dynamics CRM works from within Microsoft Outlook, the first application your staff are likely open each day. P2 CRM for Professional Services is an integral part of Microsoft CRM. With P2 loaded, your staff need never go to another application!

Discover more about P2 and how it will give your business competitive edge.